It all began so smoothly...

Get the unreported facts about Venezuela to understand the growing threat to America

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As Andrés Guilarte explains, the nightmare of Venezuela started with what seemed like a dream. Booming oil money. Government taking control from private companies. Giving away money for free college, free healthcare, and abundant welfare programs for all.

It’s the “dream” a growing number of American politicians are selling voters today. A dream that can end in a nightmare. Andrés warns, “What you think can never happen...does.”

That’s why you need to read Lessons From Venezuela, Volume 2 – Andrés' firsthand report as a recent Venezuelan student refuge. This is his fast-moving account of Venezuela’s lure and downfall. Andrés fled for his life to America. He doesn’t want to see the tragedy repeated here.

But it easily could.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, Andrés and fellow Venezuelan refugee Jorge Galicia had been touring American university campuses, where they stunned student audiences about the reality of socialism.

The Fund for American Studies (TFAS) sent these young Venezuelans to recount the horrors of Venezuela’s fall from a free-market powerhouse to a poverty-ridden, socialist police state. (Jorge wrote TFAS’s eBook Lessons From Venezuela, Volume 1).

American students are waking up to socialism’s nightmare. Through Andrés and Jorge’s account, students learn: Venezuelan men lose 24 lbs. in a year. The poverty rate is 60%. Children eat from garbage. Families cook their dogs. Doctors operate by flashlight during frequent electrical blackouts. And if you might disappear or be shot by government-sponsored street gangs called “Collectivos.”

You can read (and share) Andrés Guilarte’s riveting, instructive tale. TFAS has turned his presentation into a free eBook, complete with photos. You will think it’s a dramatic, tragic, violent movie script...except it’s happening in Venezuela. And it can happen here.

With America being lured by socialism, this is an eBook you’ll want to read and share!

Get your free copy of Lessons From Venezuela, Volume 2 today!