Get the Facts About What’s Really Going on in Venezuela—and the Even More Stunning Story of How it Started

LFV V1 Flat 3DJorge Galicia and Andrés Guilarte are touring American university campuses, where they are stunning audiences of students about the reality of socialism.

The Fund for American Studies (TFAS) is sending these young Venezuelans to one campus after another, where Jorge and Andrés are recounting the horrors of Venezuela’s fall from a free-market powerhouse to a poverty-ridden, socialist police state.

Students are shocked to hear the details that sprang from socialist government: No water. No food. No electricity. No modern medical care. Riots, mass arrests, and no freedom. People butchering animals, including pets, to survive. Surgery by flashlight.

But the biggest eye-opener has been Jorge and Andrés telling students what started the collapse. It all began back in 1975 with policies that sound exactly like the ones dangled in front of voters by many of today’s American politicians.

Now you can read (and share) Jorge Galicia’s very personal, riveting account of the nightmare of Venezuela today ... and how the horror began. TFAS has turned his presentation into a free eBook, complete with photos. You will quickly understand the drama, tragedy, and causes of Venezuela’s story. It is a clear warning for Americans being peddled the same deceptive promises that lured a once-prosperous nation into poverty and tyranny.

With America being lured by socialism, this is an eBook you’ll want to read and share!

Get your free copy of Lessons From Venezuela today!