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The government is getting bigger. And it’s taking more of your money only to waste it on things that don’t benefit you.

Now, the push for socialism is getting worse under the Biden administration—with no sign of it slowing down. And more than half of our nation’s young people are buying into it. They think socialism would be worth a try.

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But this is dangerous for the future of the United States. Not one form of socialism works, and any country that has tried it eventually reaches a breaking point.

That’s why we decided to publish this popular lecture from U.S. Senator Rand Paul.

And right now, we are offering this eBook to you for FREE.

In Capitalism, Socialism, and the Arguments for Liberty, Senator Paul takes a deep look at how:

  • The liberty and efficiency arguments for freedom make a strong case for small government.
  • Both Republicans and Democrats are to blame for the growing government deficit.
  • Cutting 1% from every government program would lead to a balanced budget.
  • More complete forms of socialism only lead to more ruthless dictators.
No other economic system helps people the way capitalism does.
The threat of socialism is real. If you’re concerned about what’s happening right now under the Biden administration—and what could happen in the future—this is the eBook for you.

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